Four Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Eating well is something we all try to do most of the time. We try to pick foods that are good for us and healthy in the long run. But if you are preparing to bring a new life into this world, eating right becomes even more important. Making sure that what we eat is balanced with all the nutrients we need becomes almost a side job. You need to keep track of vitamins, minerals and the way the food you eat has been prepared.


But besides making sure we eat right when we are pregnant, did you know that there are actually foods you should avoid? It is true, and knowing what foods to eat more of and which ones to avoid like the plague is an important part of staying healthy when you are expecting. Here are four foods that you definitely should not be eating when pregnant. Many of these are foods we might normally skip or not want to eat, but just in case it is a good idea to have this list handy if you are pregnant or even just suspect you might be expecting.

Raw Meat or Fish

If you love sushi this might be tough, but best to be safe than sorry. The same goes for really truly rare beef. The reason behind this is that you are more sensitive to toxins that might be present in raw fish or meat at this point. While eating sushi that might have sat around a bit too long might be worth the risk under normal circumstances you can’t take a chance with a little one on the way. All types of bacteria can be present including taxoplasmosis and salmonella, so just skip it for now. This includes raw seafood such as oysters, by the way.

Smoked Seafood and Deli Meats

The process of smoking these can cause problems for anyone who is pregnant. This is because many smoked meats and fish contain listeria, which can trigger a miscarriage when consumed. While the trace elements of this might be fine when you are not pregnant, it is obvious why they should be skipped at any time that you are either certain or are concerned you might be pregnant. If you really miss them you can get around this by either steaming the deli meats or putting the smoked fish into a dish you will cook, such as a casserole. The cooking will break down the deadly listeria which has been known to cause blood poisoning when it crosses the placenta.

Soft Cheeses and Unpasteurized Milk

The process of pasteurizing milk breaks down many of the bacteria that can form, including listeria. But because many other countries do not pasteurize their soft cheeses in production, it is suggested that all soft cheeses but particularly those from foreign countries are skipped during pregnancy.

Cheap Salty Beef Jerky

While this is not a food that many people enjoy, pregnant women have been known to form strange food obsessions and salty jerky is one of them. While eating homemade jerky that is low in sodium and safely produced may be fine, avoid the cheap stuff. The kind you see at a highway gas station or local convenience store should be forsaken as all that salt can cause high blood pressure, already a problem during pregnancy. Just keep walking!

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