How to Find High Quality Beef Jerky

 While eating in high style is fun, it can be hard on the budget. In addition, if you want to create or find the kind of food that travels on the road with ease, you want something light and yet nourishing. With today’s fast pace lifestyle and attention to healthy eating, is it any wonder that beef jerky is making a comeback? But while yesterday’s beef jerky may have been tough chewy food that only a lumberjack could love, today you can find high quality beef jerky that not only is nutritious but tastes yummy too. Not sure where to find this wonder food? Let’s give you a few clues.


The Internet of Food

These days you can find just about anything on the internet and that certainly includes food. In fact, I have found that if you are willing to spend a bit of time on your search parameters, you can find just about anything, even relatively unlikely food such as high quality beef jerky, with a bit of work.

The trick with looking at beef jerky online is to make sure you see either a list of ingredients or have some way of finding out what was used when the jerky was made. Small batch homemade style beef jerky is your best bet and there are plenty of little mom and pop outfits that can sell you their own house style jerky made with tried and true recipes.

Make Some High Quality Beef Jerky

Of course, if you want to be sure only the best quality ingredients were used while making that beef jerky you are eating, the best way to do this is to make it yourself. Before you begin to protest that it takes too much time or needs some special tools, let me tell you just how easy this can be. All you need is a decent cut of beef, brisket works well I have found, a sharp knife and a decent little oven.

You carve up that beef into strips, cutting against the grain of the beef, and marinade overnight in your favorite marinade. In a pinch, salt and pepper with some vinegar always works well. Place those marinade rich strips on the racks in your oven and let them sit in the oven slowly drying for several hours at the lowest temperature your oven will do.


Keeping the oven door open a crack by placing a wooden spoon in it will keep the air circulating and ensure an even drying temperature. That’s it!

If you still feel like you aren’t sure where to find the right beef jerky for your diet, you can always ask the weight lifting crew at any local gym. These guys are interested in only putting the best food into those carefully carved bodies and bodybuilders have a long history of making healthy beef jerky a part of their regular routine.

So there you have it. Finding the best tasting and most nutritious beef jerky that is also a high quality beef jerky just got that much easier! You know you will be thanking yourself once you dig into this delicious food and when you have it within easy reach you will be snacking on jerky instead of boring carrots or unhealthy chips. Enjoy!

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