Is A Berkel Slicer Just A Meat Slicer?

For a great kitchen experience, it is important to have good tools, which will help you enjoy cooking in any kind of kitchen. That can be a kitchen in your home or in a commercial place like a restaurant or any workplace. A Berkel Slicer never disappoints its owner as it is built to last for years.

Is it just a meat slicer?

Many people generally think of the Berkel Slicer as just a meat slicer. However, the fact remains that its high quality and reliability has definitely engraved its name in the minds of many chefs as one of the best.

The slicer from Berkel can be used by Chefs, Delis, and restaurants to prepare food safely and timely as it can easily create a smooth cut on the bread or a vegetable just as on the meat.

The much talked about slicer is capable of offering portion control and consistency when you operate. So, you can decide the thickness of the bread slice and the consistency of the meat slices. It is also easy, extremely safe to use and operate.


Efficiently using the Berkel Slicer

After you choose to buy the slicer, it is highly important to understand its features so that you can choose the model that suits your convenience in the kitchen without any hassle.

Any type of meat can be cut using the slicer regardless of the fact that it is raw or cooked. You just need to clean it well before switching between the two.

There are several blade options to choose from, which make it convenient to choose and know all that can be cut with the slicer. Now it is up to you to decide if the meat needs to be cut against the grain or with the grain. For instance, if red meat needs to be tender, then it must be cut against the grain.

When you use the Berkel Slicer it is important to clean it in between uses. It is easy to handle and clean by dismantling it to ensure every part is clean, this avoids contamination. The slicer is easy to maintain when serviced at regular intervals.

The Berkel slicer with Prosciutto di Parma

The slicer can be set according to need so that exact measurements are achieved each time the slicer cuts meat, vegetables or bread and one does not need to measure them with the eye. This will minimize any kind of wastage and eventually the food cost as you will use every bit of the vegetable or meat or even bread.


If you are still thinking of buying a slicer and have not bought one, then my suggestion is to invest in Berkel Slicer, as its advantages are not one but many. Last but not the least, please remember this machine is definitely not just a meat slicer, in fact it is an all-rounder which can be used to slice just about anything, including bread, vegetables, tofu and many more!

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