Quick Tips for Organising Your Next Corporate Catering Event

Over the past two decades, corporate events have come a long way. Meetings are now being held outside the boardroom in an open setting where they offer better menus and high technological services. At the end of the day, it is all about getting the numbers and elevating the company to success.

Corporate events have taken a different trends at various points of their timeline. Some offer entertainment, brainstorming sessions, motivational speakers, as well as refreshments to keep up the concentration of the guests.

Catering for corporate business events is important but you cannot make it without a plan. Relying on your caterer might be the best option, but laying some groundwork first will enable you find out what you exactly need. Here are a few tips to help you organise your next corporate catering event.

Next Corporate Catering Event

Get a qualified caterer

Before planning for the next corporate event, have a qualified caterer on your team to ensure that the event is a success. Preferable, if you have had a single catering service provider for previous events, it would be best to keep him/her since they have an idea of what is expected in a certain event. This makes it easier for the caterer since they can use past records or previous events to plan for upcoming event.

Begin with a head count

A corporate business event can range from a cocktail event for a few guest to a large formal sit down event with the entire staff. To ensure you make wise decisions, you need to have an approximate number of the people attending the event. The total may not be exact but a rough estimate, you can start planning for the foods and drinks and still leave some allowance for a few plates.

Begin with a head count

Choose whether to have a bar or not

This depends on the nature of the event. The planner may or may not want to provide an open bar as a venue for the meeting. If the meeting is strictly based on business matters or perhaps a training seminar, it is wise to exclude the alcohol. On the other hand, if the meeting is a sit down dinner with an aim of getting new contracts or investors, an open bar will be an ideal place to hold the event.

Have a timeline

When planning any event, time is an important factor. In this case, it is wise to determine the number of session in the meeting and the time allocated for each. If you are going to have multiple speakers and presentations, you can opt to schedule your serving during the event’s agenda to save time. With a well laid plan of time allocated to each task, it is easier to plan when to serve cocktails, appetizers etc. and how to open up a buffet. Look for an appropriate venue to serve your guest food and drinks.

Have a list of options

Corporate events attract a lot of guests which means that some have special dietary needs. To ensure you get it right, you can provide a variety of different foods and drinks to satisfy your guests and also take care of those with special dietary needs. A flexible catering service will deliver a wide variety of foods in the menu and address the dietary issues at a reasonable cost.’

Next Corporate Catering Event

Well, planning a successful event comes with a lot of demand to deliver the best. But, if you plan ahead and get the best catering service on your time, you can witness a business event that is productive and satisfying to your clients. These super tips will get you started and make that corporate event memorable.

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