Think Food, Think Of Happy Hours at Sonic

No matter what occasion or special memory it may be, good food can add indulgence to every single thing! Foodies would probably agree that is nothing better than quality time spent at a diner or fast food outlet. If you are in the United States for traveling or just stay here, one of the common chains of fast food restaurants that you may heard of is Sonic. Founded in the year 1953 in Oklahoma, Sonic is known for many reasons to many people, but what always remains unparalleled is their service and amazing items on the menu. Today, there are around 3,561 outlets of the chain, which are located over 43 states. Here are some facts about Sonic Breakfast Hours.

Sonic Breakfast Hours

Amazing happy breakfast hours at Sonic

Experts say that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yet many of us don’t even think of food as the first thing in the morning. On the other hand, there are foodies, who just cannot think beyond eggs, bacon and sausage every morning, with a cup of coffee. Let’s also not forget that there are many of us who love to have the breakfast food at all times of the day, so the rule of 9 am breakfast doesn’t really always apply. If you are Sonic, you will be happy to know the breakfast hours start at 6 am and go all the way midnight. It simply means that you are practically getting breakfast whenever you want.

Timings and getting offers

If you are craving for a Breakfast Burrito, Sonic outlets start serving as early as 6 am in the morning. On the weekdays, mainly between Sunday and Thursday, most outlets are open up to 12 am, while on Fridays and Saturdays, the timing increases to 1 am. However, if you are new to state or place, do check in advance for the timings because there may be changes with regards to location. In some areas, some outlets do close by 11 pm, so make sure to enquire in advance. There may also be a few special offers on Sonic Breakfast Hours, which can be check on the web. There are some great websites, which have updated menus and offers for all happy hours for most restaurants, so you can easily find the details.

Enjoy the best breakfast menu

Alright, this should have been probably discussed earlier! Sonic is known for its amazing menu for the breakfast, which is served all day along. Their Cinnasnacks and burritos are pretty famous for sure, but if you are looking for something more fun to start the day, grab one of the SuperSonic Double Cheeseburgers or a premium Beef Hotdogs. Sonic is also great with offers, so there are happy hours happening all the time, when you can get all of the breakfast items or even others on offer for a lower price. Next time you hit the alarm bell early, you know where to go!

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